Regan Humphrey is a psychologist, film critic, and science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary young-adult writer. She is the inventor of the REFscore, the first and only scoring system that rates films on craft and social justice. She holds an MFA in Writing for Young People from Antioch University Los Angeles. She is the sitting Editor-in-Chief of Lunch Ticket Magazine.

She holds a Masters degree in Applied Psychology, and undergraduate degrees in Creative Arts, Writing & Performance and Cross-Cultural Relations. Her thesis, What A Heart Loves, included her playwriting debut—a five-act Shakespearean style play, written in iambic pentameter—which made local headlines. As an actress and writer, raised in the original-practice Shakespeare tradition, the work of William Shakespeare has deeply influenced her approach to the creative process and storytelling. 

Regan’s commitment to service, youth empowerment, and healing through creativity are her activism. She feels propelled to create lasting change through her work as an author by creating stories that include and challenge us, offer healing, and open the way for connection with each other and our innermost selves.

Her publications include numerous film reviews, interviews, short essays, and lifestyle blogs. Regan’s hometown is Atlanta. She’s lived in Georgia, Alabama, Masachusetts, and New Hampshire. Abroad, Regan has lived in China, South Korea, Scotland, and Peru. Regan is currently based in Los Angeles.